Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Clearly, I'm good at keep up the family blog since my most recent post was in March. Maybe 2008 will bring more family posts! Who am I kidding?!?!

We received so many wonderful Christmas cards this year and sadly, we could never get around to getting ours out. So in lieu of actual cards, I'm taking a tip from our friends, The Robinsons, and I'm recapping our year here. We hope 2008 brings you lots of good times and an embarrassing amount of wealth. Love to you all and hope to catch up individually soon!!


Scott is still a VP for Comcast Networks. He's traveling quite a bit and entertaining at fun celebrity events. In fact, last January, he hosted clients at the Golden Globes and the Golden Globes afterparty sponsored by E! I somehow (after being not so truthful to security about my true identity and walking the red carpet ALONE) got to meet up with him at the party. It was truly a last minute, "hey, come down, I can get you in." sort of a thing. Funny how HIS year-end recap has now turned to me and my celebrity party crashing abilities. Aside from his VP duties, he's been working on some independent projects (writing scripts and plays and working on some potential tv projects) and he's been very supportive of everything Mod Mom. He's enjoyed fewer home-cooked meals, a dirtier house, and a stressed-out wife. May 2008 bring more calm to his world and less mess.


I've pretty much been covered in saw dust and varnish the entire year! In a good way! Mod Mom Furniture has consumed a big portion of my life and I'm happy to report I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet even after almost cutting off my finger and dealing with shipping nightmares. When I'm not building, I'm carting "Little G" and "Big N" (their hip hop names) to school and back and doing all the normal mom stuff like building a swing set and embarrassing the hell out of Noah by saying stupid things in front of his friends. Let's see....I've also started a blog related to Mod Mom Furniture which led to me completely ignoring our family blog. And Mom of the Year goes to ME!!!

Noah (age 9)

Noah is still amazing us with his uber Lego building and Playstation skills. We're convinced he's going to make us MILLIONS one day...or he'll be living with us in the basement playing video games. :) Seriously, he's a very deep, creative 3rd grader who happens to live in a tall, very thin, pre-teen body. He's going to be 6'5" before we know it. His famous line this year happened at the lumber yard. I remarked about loving the smell of wood. He turned to me and said,"Mom, you love the smell of wood....I love the smell of technology."

Grace (age 5)

Gracie is now a spunky, sassy, wood-workin' pre-k kid. When she's not climbing something, playing Barbies, or painting things that shouldn't be painted, she's out in the garage with me playing "wood shop." G is loving pre-k and writing her name like a pro. She's taking a dance class once a week -- ballet and tap -- and at karaoke parties, she'll belt out the Johnny and June Cash duet, "Jackson", with her dad. She had a big year that included loads of swimming, bike riding, and funny one-liners.

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