Monday, April 21, 2008

T-Balls of Fury

Can you hardly believe I'm posting again? I will get better at this, I just have to.

This post is dedicated to our fearless T-Baller, Grace. She just started T-Ball this year and had her first practice game on Saturday. She's having a good time but it certainly hasn't become second nature yet. I'm sure it's confusing as all get out because I'm confused when I try to just SAY how you play. "If the ball comes to you and you're between 2nd and 3rd base, then look to see who's running faster to get to their base, and either chase them down and GENTLY tag them with it or throw it to the base, or if no one's there, throw it home if someone is running home or you can throw it to first...oh, hell, is it time for after the game ice cream yet?" I think what she gets from it is, "Get out there and scoop dirt into your glove while the really tall girl from the other team hits a line drive ball at you and you're not looking and your crazy mother is yelling from the stands, GO HOT FLASHES, when your team name is HOT FLAMES."

Check out her action on the pitcher's mound. (And yes, for all of you wondering, we have told her a hundred times to get in ready position and be ready when the batter swings. She's 5, what can I say.