Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Noah's Dance Festival at School

Check out Noah at his dance festival at Stevenson Elementary. We got the biggest kick out of the professional production we saw as some of the kids in his class are paid actors and dancers when they're not in school. We actually heard one woman talking about an Emmy her son won for a show on Disney Channel. Unreal!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The first of many Christmas photos

Let the Christmas photo parade begin....

Interesting Photos From This Past Year

Sammy and Dean (K and S) for Halloween

Kiers and Judy at the Price is Right!
Sadly, Bob never called our names. But
we had fun!

Kiers playing tennis in my "tennis gear"
(the people at Taco Bell earlier in the day
thought I was in adult entertainment, I just know it)

Pumpkin fun with the kiddies

Gracie poses behind bars

Scott is a VP now!

I'm pleased to announce that Scott was named VP of the Western Division for Comcast Television Networks (E!, Style, OLN, and a few others I can't remember). He's one of the youngest TV network VPs around! That's my man!

Now that I'm a VP's wife, you must start calling me Kiki, dahlings. I'm going to bone up on how to conduct myself in a ladylike fashion as a top executive's wife. I'm hoping it will include sawing wood in my garage and using profane language.

Baby Jackson

So many of you know I "nannied" for a bit and just fell in love with one of the families for whom I worked. Jackson was only 10 weeks old when I started watching him and did so for about a year (I think). We caught up with Rebecca, Jason , Jackson and his new little sister, Scarlett, on Sunday. For those of you who met little Jack when he was with us on Addison Street, check him out now! He's cute as can be...just like before, but bigger.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Mod Mom Furniture

Hey! So I'm baby steps away from hopefully successfully launching my Mod Mom toy box furniture line. I've included photos below. I'm still staining -- one is mostly stained (the mid-century box) and the other will be stained but more of a light birch color. Thought you'd like to see some progress since I talk about it like I'm selling thousands of them a day. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Thanksgiving Fun in San Fran with Baby Chase

What a fantastic Thanksgiving! There was Baby Chase, the rubbing of the turkey, a few rousing games of cards (with drinks, of course), movies, playing in the park and almost nailing Chase with the frisbee, breastfeeding, an almost obsessive, Chase-crazed Gracie, and a few milkshakes spilled in the minivan to and from.

We had such a good time with Trac, Phil, Chase and the McMullen animal family. Thanks for hosting Turkey day just minutes after giving birth (ok, days after giving birth).

Can't wait to see everyone for Christmas!